Rescuers sledge the stretcher down Barrow. Photo: Keswick MRT

Rescuers sledge the stretcher down Barrow. Photo: Keswick MRT

A walker was rescued after injuring herself near the end of her walk on the Lake District fells.

The young woman and her father were descending Barrow on Tuesday after almost completing the Coledale Horseshoe when she went over on her ankle and heard a popping sound.

The pair rang 999 and Keswick Mountain Rescue Team was alerted about 3.40pm. Two vehicles and volunteers made their way from their base to help the injured woman.

A team spokesperson said: “To have come so far and with the end in sight!

“After setting up a shelter against the very cold wind the team did an assessment before splinting the ankle and packaging her up for a stretcher carry.

“The lovely smooth grassy nature of the Barrow path meant that we were able to slide the stretcher on its skis the majority of the way down to the foot of the hill. The pair were then able to make their own way to Carlisle Infirmary for an x-ray.”

The rescue lasted almost 1¾ hours and involved 17 Keswick MRT volunteers.

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