Rescuers at the scene in the gully. Photo: Daz Edkins/OVMRO

Rescuers at the scene in the gully. Photo: Daz Edkins/OVMRO

A poorly equipped hillgoer had to be rescued after getting stuck on a Snowdonia mountain.

Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Organisation was called out shortly before 8.30am on Monday by North Wales Police.

The team said the man had left his home in the West Midlands to take photographs of Cwm Bochlwyd from Tryfan.

Casually dressed in jeans and trainers, he scrambled up the West Face of the mountain to find a vantage point for his photography.

Chris Lloyd of the team said: “In the process, he became cragfast in a steep, wet and shaded gully high on the West Face.”

The team first undertook Covid-19 checks before five Ogwen Valley MRO volunteers made their way to the scene, one on the A5 below the hill as a ‘spotter’ and four climbing above the stricken walker.

Mr Lloyd said: “A team member was lowered on ropes to the wet and cold ‘casualty’. The two were then hauled up to safety and the party made their way down to the man’s car for about 11.30am.

“Here, he was debriefed for the necessary details and then advised about the concerns mountain rescue teams have during this current pandemic.”

The team added: “Unbelievably, he asked where he should go tomorrow to get some good photos but was advised he should maybe go home instead.”

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