Walter receives oxygen on his way to the vet's. Photo: Edale MRT

Walter receives oxygen on his way to the vet's. Photo: Edale MRT

A dog is recuperating after being rescued when it fell from a hillside in the Peak District.

Edale Mountain Rescue Team was called out about 12.05pm on Tuesday at the request of Derbyshire Constabulary after reports Walter had injured himself in a 50m fall.

The team said a man was walking with friends on the Great Ridge when the Hungarian Vizsla slipped down the face of Back Tor, reportedly suffering significant injuries including catastrophic bleeding.

An Edale MRT spokesperson said: “The team leader was local, so was able to respond to the nearest rendezvous point to the incident and confirm the location.

“The owner was with three of his friends and between them they were able to get Walter up to the ridge track and started to carry him down towards Castleton. We had a visual contact with the party and could confirm with them that they were taking the best route off towards our RV.

“As team members arrived a hasty snatch party was sent up to meet and assist with the evacuation.

“One of our team members is a vet and she was requested to attend the scene to give emergency medical treatment to Walter. We then transported the owner and Walter to their car in Hope where the team vet accompanied them both to a veterinary practice in Sheffield giving oxygen on route.”

His owner reported the following day that Walter was back home, having been treated at the vet’s. He was bruised and battered but, miraculously, he had only suffered a chipped pelvis and a deep wound that needed stapling.

Walter’s owner has offered to raise funds for Edale MRT.

The team said: “We wish Walter a full recovery.”

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