Danny MacAskill in action on The Slabs

Danny MacAskill in action on The Slabs

A new video from daredevil mountain biker Danny MacAskill is always worth a watch and his latest production is no exception.

Danny MacAskill – The Slabs follows the 34-year-old’s vertigo-inducing descent of a climbing route on the Isle of Skye, which he describes, with understatement, as ‘scary’.

The video was released on the professional rider’s YouTube channel and features his hair-raising descent of The Slabs, a 900m route on Sgùrr Dubh Beag on the western side of the Cuillin range.

MacAskill made the ascent of the route, a Moderate-rated rock-climb, unroped with his mountain bike on his back before tackling the exposed descent towards Loch Coruisk.

He said: said: “I was pretty nervous tackling a lot of the obstacles on the route.

“The most challenging part was definitely the final 200m slab vertical section, which on the first day was just not possible to ride.

“It was very exposed and had a very difficult run out. This made the grip, braking and balance very difficult. You literally feel gravity just pulling you down the rock and when the only thing stopping you is your brakes you really feel how steep it is.

The ascent of the Moderate climbing route was made without ropes

The ascent of the Moderate climbing route was made without ropes

“Luckily it all worked out and I managed to get off the slab on to the grass reasonably controlled.

“As much as I enjoyed riding the Dubh Slabs, the most memorable emotion was the relief and satisfaction heading back over the loch on the boat after finishing the filming! I really hope everyone enjoys this video and we hope it inspires some fun bike adventures when we are allowed to properly explore Scotland again.”

The mountain biker had a few big projects planned for 2020 which had to be cancelled. When things opened up and travel was permitted again he and a small crew set out for a two-day shoot in September on a much smaller scale than recent sponsored bigger budget projects.

Duncan Shaw, producer of Danny MacAskill – The Slabs, business partner and fellow street-trials rider, said: “Danny and I are always searching for exciting terrain and great backdrops for film projects.

“The biggest challenge of this shoot was access. The easiest and quickest way to get to the foot of the range is via local fishing boats. After the 20-minute boat ride there is a 45-minute walk to the foot of the Dubh Slabs. Once there we then had to scale a rock face with all our kit on this challenging climb that should be roped in sections.

“The terrain was so steep it was near impossible to film Danny’s ride using traditional methods. Our main camera, GoPro Hero 9, was mounted on a custom Built FPV drone, with two additional [point-of-view] GoPro Hero 9’s positioned on Danny’s helmet and chest.”

A previous Danny MacAskill feature video filmed on Skye, The Ridge, released in October 2014, details his ascent of the Inaccessible Pinnacle on the Cuillin with his bike and has been viewed more than 74 million times on YouTube.

  • MacAskill’s latest video has just been released on YouTube

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