Rescuers stretcher the walker from the hill. Photo: Keswick MRT

Rescuers stretcher the walker from the hill. Photo: Keswick MRT

Rescuers in Keswick responded to a call for help just a few hundred metres from their base.

Keswick Mountain Rescue Team was alerted about 3.25pm on Monday when a 75-year-old took a tumble while descending from the summit of Castlehead, a wooded hill overlooking the town and Derwent Water.

The walker hit her head when she landed on the rocky section of the route.

A team spokesperson said: “Police and ambulance attended initially but because of the location they asked for mountain rescue assistance for the extraction.

“A full team Land Rover was sent from base, just a few hundred metres away, with other team members arriving by various means to climb Castlehead.”

The injured walker was packaged into a stretcher then carried down to a waiting ambulance below the hill. She was then taken to hospital in Whitehaven for further treatment.

The one-hour incident involved 14 team members.

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