Five injured in Scottish cable car accident

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16 July 2006

Leaders will not face prosecution for Everest death

A millionaire’s attempt to bring a private prosecution of three men he held responsible for his son’s death on Everest has been thrown out.Michael Matthews, who at 22 was the youngest Briton to summit the world’s highest peak in 1999, was lost on the descent.

20 July 2006

Everest death: Brit climber could have been saved

The controversy continues over the death of climber David Sharpe on Everest. An expert in mountain medicine says that the stricken Brit would have sto...

17 July 2006

Tinder-dry moors at risk as heat wave continues

Northumberland was the first national park to issue a fire warning this weekend.The National Park Authority says the upland areas are tinder dry after weeks of hot dry weather.Anyone who's been out and about on the fells and mountains of England and Wales recently will testify to the fact that things are very dry – expect water restrictions soon!National Park rangers are asking the media – ie us – to warn walkers to be careful and not to discard cigarette butts, matches and glass in the outdoors.

17 July 2006

Hinkes tackles highest peaks in British Isles

Alan Hinkes, the plucky Yorkshireman who'd probably rather be remembered for conquering the world's 8 000m peaks than for choking on chappati flour, has set himself a new challenge.The top mountaineer, now 51, is tackling the Six Peaks Challenge: the highest mountains in Scotland, Wales, England, the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man.

07 July 2006

Photographic project squares up to blanket coverage

Next time you're striding across a wide expanse of nothing-ness in a seldom-visited corner of our isles, how about whipping out your camera and contributing to a fascinating project?Geograph aims to cover every square kilometre of the Ordnance Survey national grid and produce a photographic record of our varied landscape.

04 July 2006

Assynt tests mountain marathon contestants

If you headed for Assynt in the search for peace and solitude, you might have been disappointed to have been in the company of more than 450 entrants in the Lowe Alpine Mountain Marathon, which calls itself the connoiseurs' mountain marathon.The event, which took place on the weekend of 17-18 June, pits the navigational wits and stamina of the competitors in a different area each year.

26 June 2006

Your chance to take part in the ultimate wilderness walk

Fancy taking part in a giant relay to celebrate Britain's wild country?The John Muir Trust is asking participants to cover 2 500 miles walking, running, cycling, paddling and sailing while making the least possible environmental impact.The good news is: you don't have to cover all 2 500 individually.

30 June 2006

Head for Wasdale for weekend fun

Fancy a bit of fun in one of Lakeland's finest valleys while helping a good cause?Get yourself to Wasdale Head for the weekend starting Friday 21 July and you can join in the activities planned to raise cash for the local mountain rescue team.There's free camping next to the Wasdale Head Hotel, with a beer festival (not free!) and live bands.Saturday morning, you'll have the chance to witness an attempt by Charles Potter to swim the whole length of Wast Water underwater - feat never before accomplished.The day culminates with an auction of goodies donated by members of the public and outdoor firms.

24 June 2006

Fire risk keeps moors closed

Walkers wanting to use right-to-roam areas in the National Parks need to check before setting forth this weekend.Large area of Countryside and Rights of Way (CRoW) access land in the Peak district remain out-of-bounds because of the high fire risk.

21 July 2006

Want to help clean up the Welsh crags?

Climbers in north Wales have a chance to improve their rocky environments in the coming months.North Wales Action Group has arranged various activity days, including replacing abseil points and generally cleaning up crags and climbing routes.

19 July 2006

Crooners and ancient bogs in a park near you

What have Frank Sinatra and the Bellringer Handicap got in common? grough thought the latter was something Quasimodo suffered from, but no – the...

17 July 2006

Authorities close access areas as moors dry out

Right-to-roam areas in Yorkshire and the Peak District are being closed less than a year after the Countryside and Rights of Way Act, which granted the rights, came fully into force.

18 July 2006

Everest death row: Brice speaks out

Everest continues to evoke massive controversy and the world's highest peak is in danger of being submerged in a torrent of bile from various members of the elite band who climb the Himalayan mountain.Latest broadside comes from Russell Brice, who owns a commercial expedition enterprise which concentrates on the northern, Tibetan routes up the mountain.One of his teams was criticised when other mountaineers claimed it walked past British climber David Sharp as he was dying at 8 400m in May this year.His blog on the Himalayan Experience website recounts a sorry tale of poor radio communications, lack of information and frustrations as Brice's own team hit troubles on their climb, which he was supervising remotely from the North Col camp.

07 July 2006

Mountain festival coup for Kendal

Kendal’s main claim to fame up until now may have been its mint cake and its adopted son and archetypal grumpy old man Alf Wainwright, but now it can add literary Mecca to its list of attractions.The Boardman Tasker Award, mountain writing’s premier prize, will be hosted in the Cumbrian market town for the first time this year, having been based at the Alpine Club in London since it began in 1983.It’s just one of the events for the November festival, which has grown out of the Mountain Film Festival and attracts participants from across the globe.Lectures by some of the world’s top mountaineers are promised by the organisers, who have yet to announce the final programme.Full details at the festival’s website..

04 July 2006

Booze news blues for hostellers

Bad news for those of us at grough who enjoy a bottle or two of the hard stuff while exploring our outdoor world.The Youth Hostel Association (YHA) in England and Wales is calling time on the practice of 'bring your own' at its licensed hostels.From 7 July, you'll have to fork out and buy your booze from the ever-welcoming warden.

30 June 2006

Trout and about? Watch out!

As Keith from The Office would say: word of advice.  grough readers tempted to try walking on water: don't do it!Defra has just announced a confirmed outbreak of Bacterial Kidney Disease at a Dorset trout farm.

30 June 2006

On Ilkley HIll Baht 'At?

Ilkley Moor, immortalisesd in Yorkshire's unofficial anthem, may be about to disappear.Conservationists fear the moor, pictured right, which overlooks one of the Broad Acres' poshest towns, is being overrun by grough's least favourite vegetation, the dreaded bracken.

21 June 2006


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