Alport Valley. Photo: Chris Wimbush CC-BY-SA-2.0

Alport Valley. Photo: Chris Wimbush CC-BY-SA-2.0

A mountain rescue team pleaded with walkers to remember to carry torches after a group of eight had to call for help from the Peak District’s second-highest hill.

Edale Mountain Rescue Team was alerted at 8pm on Sunday after the walkers, from the Liverpool area, rang 999 when they got lost in the dark on Bleaklow.

The group set off in the morning from Glossop heading up to the Snake Summit intending to return to their starting point, but they got lost in deteriorating weather and strayed into the steep-sided valley of the River Alport.

An Edale MRT spokesperson said: “To make matters worse one of their number, a 68-year-old diabetic, was unable to walk any further after suffering a number of falls during the evening.

“They sensibly decided to call for help and were able to give an accurate position thanks to a GPS device.”

The Edale team enlisted the help of Glossop Mountain Rescue Team because of the size of the group and the need for a stretcher carry-out.

The spokesperson said: “Land Rovers were used to ferry team members up on to the moor before they made their way on foot to the group.

“After being assessed for any medical problems, the walkers were given food, drink and dry warm clothing before being evacuated.

“Only one person required a stretcher carry, the remainder of the group, including a nine-year-old boy, were able to make it back to the team vehicles under their own steam escorted by team members.

“Once safely down in the valley, the group was taken back to its own cars by Glossop team.

“Fortunately none needed hospital treatment and by midnight team members were back home.”

The Edale team appealed to outdoor enthusiasts to remember to pack a torch as darkness envelops the hills sooner following the end of British Summer Time and the onset of winter.

“In this case, the group were quite well equipped but they hadn’t intended to be out after dark,” the spokesperson said. “Anyone venturing onto the hills, especially at this time of the year, should make sure they do have the right kit, in particular effective lighting with spare batteries.”

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