The man spend the night on Kinder Scout. Photo: Bob Smith/grough

The man spend the night on Kinder Scout. Photo: Bob Smith/grough

A walker was unharmed but cold after spending the night on the Peak District’s highest hill when he got lost in the dark.

The man was reported missing the following morning when he failed to return home from Kinder Scout.

Edale Mountain Rescue Team was alerted and the other teams in the area joined the operation as part of the Kinder Plan, which is put into action when a large search of the extensive upland area is needed.

Buxton, Glossop and Kinder teams all set out to search their respective areas of the hill.

An Edale spokesperson said the man had set out on a bright spring day but became benighted. “Overnight the weather closed in and by morning the plateau was in thick mist,” the spokesperson said.

Rescuers were alerted about 10.35am on Tuesday.

Edale MRT said: “As initial hill parties were deploying we were able to get a call through to the missing person’s mobile.

“This was helpful, as we now knew he was uninjured but cold and after a long night out on the hill. We were also able to Sarloc his location [using the smartphone system], putting him on the southern edges. Glossop and Kinder teams stood down, and Edale and Buxton members made their way to his location to escort him off the hill.

“Once back in Edale he was driven back the Edale base to dry his clothes and warm up after a rather cold unplanned night out.”

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