The walkers got lost on the flanks of Simon Fell. Photo: Bob Smith/grough

The walkers got lost on the flanks of Simon Fell. Photo: Bob Smith/grough

Rescuers have pleaded with walkers to be ‘adventure smart’ after they went to the aid of two walkers who got lost in the dark in the Yorkshire Dales.

The Cave Rescue Organisation was called out about 5pm on Thursday after the man and woman made a 999 call from the fells near Ingleborough.

The couple were reported to be benighted in cloud, wet and cold after setting off to ascend Ingleborough at 1pm.

A team spokesperson said: “Unfortunately as it became dark, and the weather deteriorated, they began to have trouble navigating due to the heavy rain affecting visibility, and being buffeted by the strong winds.

“With no response to the PhoneFind app and their phone seeming always to be engaged, it was a while before their position could be confirmed.

“Team members met in Chapel le Dale and a ‘hasty party’ climbed the steep slope to the edge of Simon Fell, provided extra insulation and escorted the walkers down to a team vehicle, where the CRO medical officer assessed their condition.”

Rescuers described conditions on the hill as pretty grim.

The spokesperson said: “We are really pleased that the casualty party came out unscathed if not a little wiser for their experience. We would encourage anyone heading into the hills to adopt the #AdventureSmart principle of asking yourself three simple questions:

Have I got the correct equipment? A small group shelter can provide warmth and shelter from poor conditions whilst you wait for help, or even while you eat your lunch

Do I have the correct skills and knowledge? This group had torches, map and compass and good clothing for their planned activity, but not for becoming stuck

Do I know what the weather will be like? Always check on the weather before you head off into the hills, preferably a detailed forecast for the area and terrain you will be in.

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