The man in the wheelchair was evacuated from by the Snowdon Mountain Railway. Photo Andrew Farquhar CC-BY.2.0

The man in the wheelchair was evacuated from by the Snowdon Mountain Railway. Photo Andrew Farquhar [CC-2.0]

A man in a wheelchair was left half way up Snowdon by colleagues on a charity walk.

The disabled man was abandoned yesterday, Saturday, at the bottom the Allt Moses below Clogwyn station when the going got too steep for the six martial-arts enthusiasts who had pushed the 31-year-old up the Llanberis path. A mountain rescue team was called and they took the man to the safety of the Snowdon Mountain Railway which was used to get him back to the valley.

Ian Henderson of Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team, which went to the man’s aid, said: “They had researched the route – apparently from the top of the Tarmac road, but not much further – and had information that said there was disabled access to the top of Snowdon – which there sort of is, from the cafe at the top!

“At Clogwyn station one of them rang 999 and asked for a helicopter to rescue the guy in the wheelchair as they would be too tired to push him back down.”

Meanwhile, members of another karate club from Bangor had found the man in the wheelchair and stayed with him until mountain rescuers arrived.

The Snowdon wheelchair push by the team of six from Coventry was part of a larger event staged to raise funds for a disabled person.

Fifteen members of the Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team went to his aid.

Mr Henderson called the rescue callout ‘cheeky’ and said the men should have turned back when they realised they couldn’t carry on with their wheelchair carry. The man was suffering from the cold and was beginning to be hypothermic.

He said the rest of party was collected later by the Llanberis team and ‘debriefed in an assertive manner’.

Charity events cause mountain rescue teams extra work because of the unprepared state of many of the participants, who often have little or no hillwalking experience.

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