Crookstone Knoll, Kinder Scout. Photo: Dave Dunford CC-BY-SA-2.0

Crookstone Knoll, Kinder Scout. Photo: Dave Dunford CC-BY-SA-2.0

A group of youngsters were rescued from the Peak District’s highest hill yesterday after getting lost in the dark.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award team rang for help from Kinder Scout and the Edale Mountain Rescue Team went to the aid of the benighted walkers.

Spokesman Charlie Bartlett said: “After speaking to the group via a mobile phone their location was estimated to be somewhere near Crookstone Knoll.

“They were found by a search dog team just south of Crookstone Knoll and escorted off the hill, without any problems.”

Crookstone Knoll lies at 500m (1,640ft) on the north-eastern edge of the Kinder Scout plateau, overlooking the Snake Road.

The previous day, the team was called to Hollins Cross, north-east of Mam Tor to help East Midlands Ambulance Service treat a man who had suffered a chest injury after falling off his mountain bike while descending a track.

Mr Bartlett said: “He was treated by Paramedics and carried on a stretcher the short distance back to the road.”

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