A compass and the ability to use it are essential in poor visibility

A compass and the ability to use it are essential in poor visibility

Rescuers pleaded with walkers to take the correct gear with them when they head for the Dartmoor hills.

It follows the rescue of a man who had to call for help after getting lost in the dark in the South of the national park.

Dartmoor Search and Rescue Ashburton was called out shortly after 7pm on Monday after being alerted by Devon and Cornwall Police when the walker called for help from the Pupers Hill area, west of Buckfastleigh.

A team spokesperson said: “A rapid response from our volunteers meant we had teams out on the moor by 7.40pm and the casualty was found safe and well by our volunteers at 8.10pm.

“The individual had left his car at Ludgate for a walk on the moor at 4pm. Unfortunately, he had no map or compass and as visibility and daylight soon deteriorated, he soon became lost and disorientated.

“He also had no whistle or torch, essential safety equipment when walking on the moor, so could not signal his location to rescuers.

“As weather conditions were good with light winds, our members homed in on the area he was suspected to be in, found him and escorted him off the moor and to his car.

The team’s duty team search manager said: “Fortunately the gent had a mobile phone which meant we could talk with him and get a good idea of his location before sending out foot teams to escort him off the moor.

“We recommend that walkers always take a map and compass, and know how to use them, along with essential safety equipment such as a whistle and torch on Dartmoor walks. They don’t weigh much but can make all the difference if you are delayed and find yourself out on the open moor after dark enabling you to find your way or to signal rescuers.”

The team spokesperson added: “Safe to say he is a lot wiser now and has learnt a valuable lesson in being properly equipped. We wish him well.”

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