The search took place in the Coppermines Valley above Coniston. Photo: Bob Smith/grough

The search took place in the Coppermines Valley above Coniston. Photo: Bob Smith/grough

A Lake District rescue team warned hillgoers to lay off the booze after a five-hour night-time search for a missing man.

Coniston Mountain Rescue Team was called out shortly after 2am on Sunday after reports an intoxicated wedding party guest had gone missing in the Coppermines Valley, in the shadow of the Old Man of Coniston.

Jeff Carroll of the team said: “His intoxicated state and lack of equipment, including a torch being the major cause for concern

“Fifteen members and one of the team’s air-scenting search dogs were involved in the search, along with officers and a dog from Cumbria police. After an initial sweep of the area Cumbria police requested the attendance of a Coastguard Helicopter to search for the man using thermal-imaging technology.

“The man was located uninjured at around 7am and the matter is now in the hands of Cumbria police.

“Coniston MRT would like to remind members of the public that excess consumption of alcohol or the use of recreational drugs is ill advised if venturing out into the hills of the Lake District.

“There are many hazards and difficulties which become magnified when under the influence of drink or drugs, as previous incidents in the Lake District this year have proven.”

Last month, Patterdale MRT had to deal with an abusive drunk casualty who had gone missing in the area of Greenside Mines on the slopes of Helvellyn.

The search and subsequent rescue lasted five hours and involved two mountain rescue teams and six Lake District Mountain Rescue Search Dogs, the police, ambulance service and Coastguard helicopter crew. The injured man, who was able to leave hospital after a short stay, was reported to be abusive to both the volunteer rescue teams and the Coastguard crew.

He subsequently contacted the team to thank them for rescuing him.

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